Award winning artist, Malia Grace, first hit the scene as a pop/soul singer and songwriter. After successfully touring for that project and playing festivals such as CMJ and SXSW, Malia realized that her heart just wasn't in that type of music anymore. She wrote those songs in her very early twenties, and felt like she'd grown into a much different woman that the one she was currently representing. As a result, Malia took off a few years to freelance full time and rediscover her artistic passion. During this time, Malia experimented with cowriting in Nashville for other artists, Music Directing on a 30+ city tour for an American Idol finalist, and writing pretty much any type of music she could think of. All the while, she was recording demo after demo until she felt like something clicked.
       After a few years, Malia had an undeniable epiphany that she was in love with old school country and realized that much of her music tilted that direction already (this was pretty ironic, because people had always told her they saw her singing country in the future, and she thought they were completely out of their minds). Due to Malia's previous successes and reputation in the music community, grammy-winner, Jeff Powell,  at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis excitedly agreed to work on her upcoming, country project. With the help of her favorite musicians, Malia road-tripped it to Tennessee where she created a product she finally identifies with and cannot wait to share with the world. It has the gutsy outlaw vibes of Margo Price, the americana sounds of Ryan Adams, and the sultry vocals of Norah Jones. The product will be initially released as two singles on a 45 late-summer to early fall of 2018.